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Gain more followers, receive more comments, make your videos go viral. You deliver great videos, we make people watch them
We Can Promote Music Everywhere
We Can Promote Music Everywhere
You submit your video. Whether you have a music video, lyric video or an audio upload, we can push it!
We optimize the ad and skyrocket the growth.Once the ads have been approved, we begin slowly and steadily in order to optimize the target points with the data we collect. Once the target is ready, we allow the campaign to pick up speed.
We create a highly optimized ad campaign. We carefully target your campaign in order to deliver high engagement rates and audience retention.
How we work
You will receive a campaign report. We will keep you updated on the various stages of your campaign. Once the campaign has concluded you will receive a final report from us.
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$ 199
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  • 10 000 - 15 000 organic views
  • Only highly targeted views
  • Lightning-fast communication
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  • 20 000 - 30 000 organic views
  • Only highly targeted views
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  • Lightning-fast communication
How do we deliver your video to people?
We use only targeted advertisement such as

YouTube Related
YouTube Search
Results of our work
What will you get?
By getting a suitable promotion offer, you are provided with:
Earn Royalties
We only run organic campaigns to attract real listeners, so you continue to make royalty money off your streams.
Your track will be heard by thousands of people!
No matter the genre you're creating in, we already know how to help you gain huge numbers.
Get a portrait of your main audience
You've worked hard to create an original collection of tracks, so we work hard to make sure you manage to tap into your audience and understand it better, so as to cater your next piece of music to them better.
We will make your music heard by real people only
We're against cheating. Every person who listens to your track will be a real listener, and in the future, possibly your fan.
Get a chance to get noticed by a major label
With us, your track will hit the charts, and that's a direct route to a label.
We work with all music platforms. Choose the platform by yourself and let's start creating together.
You can choose a platform where we will promote your track
What kind of view - Like ratio can I expect?
Can explicit content be promoted?

Will my content continue to grow after the service?
How long will it take to finish the campaign?

How long will it take for the service
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About us
I understand the needs of emerging artists and have put my experience into creating the Amadei service. This is an international platform for finding talented artists, which has already united more than 15,000 musicians from all over the world. We help independent artists reach a professional level, independently release their tracks and engage in their promotion.
co-founder and creative director of Amadei
co-founder of Amadei and CEO of Effective Records
As a true music lover and leader with extensive experience in the music industry, I can't help but notice that Amadei is a completely new approach to services for artists. Music is my bro. Together with Amadei, I will try to be a real musical bro for artists and producers. In our work, we use all the tools and methods to bring the platform to the highest level.
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