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Crash Test
Amadei has a special service for producers, who want to see the potential of a track.
Crash Test – is a professional assessment of the capabilities of your track in social media and music platforms.

This is a test advertising campaign that will identify your audience, delivering a great result and extend your fan database. You will also get guidance on your profile usage and see how you can leverage your assets.
We offer two plans
Crash Test
Crash Test + Instagram
New followers
Thousands of impressions
New streams
Stream Dynamics
Bandlink audit
Portrait of target audience
Traffic Data
More new followers
Up to 100K of impressions
More new streams
Stream Dynamics
Bandlink audit
Portrait of target audience
Traffic Data
Fanbase analytics
Social media tactics
Unique promo database for Instagram
Target audience split
Why do I need it?
By making a Crash test of your track, you get a complete audit of your assets, with deep understanding of the format of your audience, increasing reach and impressions. Also, Crash test helps saving money by using just a specific target audience identified by it. A detailed guide of your artist's profile makes utilization of all promotion tools very easy.
1 to 3 images in formats: 16:9 and 1:1
What is required from me?
1 to 3 videos in formats: 16:9 and 1:1, duration: 15 to 45 seconds
How does it impact my music?
Amadei provides you with guidance on further investments in advertising campaigns.

You will get a full picture on what feedback you get from your audience and definitely will have a better understanding on what they like and don't like.
What do I get?
You will get a report in pdf format according to the plan you purchased. This will be delivered in two weeks (this is a normal timeframe for running a campaign) after the request submission.
We need your artwork for a campaign:
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About us
I understand the needs of emerging artists and have put my experience into creating the Amadei service. This is an international platform for finding talented artists, which has already united more than 15,000 musicians from all over the world. We help independent artists reach a professional level, independently release their tracks and engage in their promotion.
co-founder and creative director of Amadei
co-founder of Amadei and CEO of Effective Records
As a true music lover and leader with extensive experience in the music industry, I can't help but notice that Amadei is a completely new approach to services for artists. Music is my bro. Together with Amadei, I will try to be a real musical bro for artists and producers. In our work, we use all the tools and methods to bring the platform to the highest level.
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