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Order album cover for your track
You don't have to worry whether your track will pass moderation. There is no need to ask your friends to make up "something in Paint 3D". Low quality image can only prevent your audience from listening to your track.

Amadei knows the requirements of all music platforms, so you will get professionally executed artwork in the appropriate format that will pass moderation and will stand out from others and will definitely get plays.
Production period – 1 business day
Choose a template
3. Gothic
Styling the font will reflect the deep thought contained in your lyrics
2. Minimalistic
Fits for those who want to share the idea of their creativity as concisely as possible with no extra
1. Futuristic
Neon light and asymmetry of shapes and lines will emphasize the superiority of your music
How it works
To create a cover, we need to get some data from you:
- track/album name
- artist's stage name
- a link to a photo or picture that we can use (if there are several suitable options, send them all!)
Fill out a form on the site
It will take us one working day to create a design. You will receive the completed work on your e-mail address specified in the application.
Amadei will create a cover for you
You can choose one of 3 templates
Pick a design that you think reflects the message behind your music.
Once picked, we will create a cover in the design
of your choice for only $30!
Don't worry, Amadei will make sure that every cover is unique.
Our covers
All covers are made on the basis of three templates of the AMADEI cover making service
How long does it take to get a cover?
How many cover designs will I get?
What if I don't like the font or the picture?
Can I ask to make another option if I am not satisfied with the proposed ones?
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About us
I understand the needs of emerging artists and have put my experience into creating the Amadei service. This is an international platform for finding talented artists, which has already united more than 15,000 musicians from all over the world. We help independent artists reach a professional level, independently release their tracks and engage in their promotion.
co-founder and creative director of Amadei
co-founder of Amadei and CEO of Effective Records
As a true music lover and leader with extensive experience in the music industry, I can't help but notice that Amadei is a completely new approach to services for artists. Music is my bro. Together with Amadei, I will try to be a real musical bro for artists and producers. In our work, we use all the tools and methods to bring the platform to the highest level.
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