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NEW BUNDLE for producers of electronic/club music
Amadei is trying to meet the needs of its artists and launches services in accordance with their requests.

Amadei introduces a new bundle for electronic/club music producers.
Club music DJ pack
What is included in the service?
Newsletter for actual DJs
Submitting a track to the SoundCloud blog (release premiere – 1 blog)
Instagram Blogs – PR – One Blog
Beatport hype
Our Mission is to permanently raise the standard of Music Art by guiding artists to develop and refine their content, with the end goal of creative and commercial success
Our Mission
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About us
I understand the needs of emerging artists and have put my experience into creating the Amadei service. This is an international platform for finding talented artists, which has already united more than 15,000 musicians from all over the world. We help independent artists reach a professional level, independently release their tracks and engage in their promotion.
co-founder and creative director of Amadei
co-founder of Amadei and CEO of Effective Records
As a true music lover and leader with extensive experience in the music industry, I can't help but notice that Amadei is a completely new approach to services for artists. Music is my bro. Together with Amadei, I will try to be a real musical bro for artists and producers. In our work, we use all the tools and methods to bring the platform to the highest level.
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